We are a Polish and rapidly growing company based in Warsaw. In our operations, we focus on transport, logistics, and freight forwarding services.

What makes us stand out against our competitors is using new solutions in logistics to efficiently deliver your shipments. By partnering with the best subcontractors, we ensure that the top-quality services we provide meet all your requirements.

Transport & Logistics

As we start cooperation with each our business partner, we want them to feel confident, so we approach them on an individual basis. Our Company has well-qualified staff with extensive experience in the business and professional mindset. Committed to, and passionate about, our work, we continuously increase the number of our satisfied customers in Poland and abroad.

1 Business

We operate in road haulage in Poland and across the European Union. Our services include full truckload and containerised cargo shipments. What makes us stand out against our competitors is especially the superior quality of our services supported by our long-standing experience in transport, freight forwarding and logistics, and our exceptional commitment and reliability.

Since each experience is extremely valuable to us, we will be thrilled to partner with you.

2 Our Team

Our Team is made up of people who have thorough knowledge of the market and our Client’s needs. We support them in their professional development and provide them with opportunities to rise through the ranks in our Company.

Committed to providing you with excellent service, we make sure all your expectations are met!

3 Success

Recognising how important it is to approach each our Client individually, we provide you with the best solutions to cater to your needs and expectations. We believe in constantly raising the bar and taking on new challenges as the path to growth, and we are not afraid of difficult projects.